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Monday, April 4, 2011

Todd asked:

"Fenders recommended? And if so, are we talking splatter shields or full-gentleman mud guards?"

I've been riding it without fenders and just taking it easy through the handful of short wet sections to keep some oil on my chain. Saturday there was definitely water in places, but it had rained the day before and we even saw some remnants of snow in places, so that is still a factor. In a month's time, I'm hopeful for a very, if not completely, dry run. Of course, it will still be spring and still be New England.


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  2. Mark,
    That was completely uncalled for. I'm not big for censorship, so I'm keeping the comment up, but this isn't a pissing contest. For your own education, fenders are often about etiquette to those riding behind, and trust me, a lot of people will be behind a strongman like Todd. I like you and know you're not a jerk, but the machismo does not have a welcome home here.
    Thank you,

  3. Sorry, just trying to be funny. Guess I wasn't.