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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Notes: Maps 2, 3, 4, and 5


Map 2:
a) About half way between destination D and the map end at E, there is a left turn off Brooklyn Rd. onto Stetson Rd. It is best to look for the sign for Preston Rd. as more accurately, Stetson is off this road, but right at the intersection. A quick look at the map, and this is clear, but Google's directions miss this nuance.

Map 3:
a) At destination B, just be aware there is no sign for the rail trail, but it is there IMMEDIATELY after turning right on Station Rd. Look for the gate.
b) Why leave the trail for destination D? Very wet, heavy gravel, and downed trees, are a few good reasons. Plus, a quick spin on the pavement is a very welcome relief for the legs at this point.

Map 4:
a) Just about half way between points A & B (pretty much at the start of this map), there is a natural water spring on the right which offers an excellent mix of hydrogen and oxygen. Look for the structure pictured below (and likely a bunch of cars parked as people fill jugs).

b) Willimatic will be about the only place on the route to stop for provisions. The food coop is about 1/3 of a mile east of the route on Valley St and one needn't be a member to shop there, while there are other less wholesome options along Rt. 66/Main St.

Map 5:
a) Once in the Meshomasic State Forest, the route stays on dirt roads open to vehicle traffic. If there is a closed gate, that is the wrong way. At every intersection, the Detour stays right if that way would be easily passable with a road car. No four wheelin' in this section.

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