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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sir, yes sir!

So, Justin is helping this year get the word out about the ride, to great effect in an arena which is far from my forte.  He should probably have some official title CMO, or The Official Town Crier of the Detour de Connecticut, or maybe Jimbo.  No, picking job titles is not my forte either.

But in addition to his most excellent marketing skills, Justin is also a high school English teacher, and has come to bear on me with all those skills of subtle persuation and outright coersion needed for that job.  In other words, he kindly asked me to post here that, yes, we've hit the big time and you can (and shall, darn it!) register for the Detour on Bikereg.com.  Don't worry, the price is still a very agreable nil.  Heck, that's cheaper that dallop of horse spit on a hot summer's day.

So, come one, come all, and then get redirected to https://www.bikereg.com/detour-de-connecticut where you can get detected, inspected, and collected onto a list that will be completely ignored.  No, seriously, please sign up or you won't officially be doing the ride.  There is also a Facebook page for the ride, but I'm doing my best to pretend I know nothing about that.  Yes, I have some issue, but have lots of time to ponder them on long rides while getting ready for this year's Detour de CT.  See you in September!