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Monday, October 28, 2013

This Saturday 11/2: the all new Manchester Parks Tour

Inspired by Brenden's most excellent Eel-venture, I finally sat down and figured out a route through Manchester's myriad of parks, public lands, land trust holds, and other various pedestrian/bicycle cut-throughs.  Somewhat like the Hartford Discovery Tour, but free, unsupported, much rougher, and generally quite a bit more silly.  You know, one of my rides.

Here's what you need to know, and probably a bit more:
When: Saturday 11/2/2013, ride departs at 9:45 sharp.
Where: Meet at the gravel parking lot for the Cheney Rail Spur on Hilliard St.  The lot is immediately to the west of Capitol Equipment and Marine, which is 28 Hilliard.  If for some strange reason the lot fills, there is street parking nearby (and I need to start giving even less advance notice for rides or too many people are driving).  Start is about a 45 minute ride from the bridges in Hartford.
What: See the route(ish) below.  Plan on a substantial amount of time off the roads.  I'll be riding a mountain bike and will recommend one, although a cross bike or something of that ilk would be manageable if you really like mountain biking on one and don't mind having to walk a few extra times.  I'll be astounded if anyone rides everything on the route, but figure around 100yds of walking for the whole look.

How long?: I don't know.  See the picture above.  Figure on "long enough" or slightly more, and I wouldn't make plans for the afternoon.  I've ridden it all, but never as one ride all strung together.  There are options so we can make it longer by explore some of the parks more.  Also, the start if fairly central, so there will be lots of options for cutting out early.

That's about it; hope to see a bunch of the eelers and others out on Saturday.