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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Test Run

For my birthday, yesterday Brendan and I did a test run of the loop. It was my first complete circuit and Brendan's first time seeing most of the eastern half, and at least the two of agree, it rides nicely, with a good mixture of slower sections and paved road intermissions to give the legs a break. There are a few true challenges, but even if some are forced to walk, it should be for only a hundred yards or two. Brendan was on a cross bike with about 35c tires and definitely had an easier time on the soft stuff that I, but I still managed to ride the whole route, minus the RR crossing, on the road bike.

It's a long ride. At a conversational pace, we took just under 9 1/2 hours including a couple short stops. I would say 9 hours ride time, so that holds pretty well with my estimate of taking a pavement time and multiplying by 1.5. Both of us ride numbers free, so I still don't have an exact mileage count, but I would say the 113 mile map estimate if fairly accurate within a couple miles.

Lastly, we took some photos of the more confusing intersections which will be forthcoming here once Brendan forwards them to me. Thanks go to him for the good company, feedback, and cell phone photography.

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  1. Actually, in keeping with the theme of differently sized tires. The front tire was 35c and rear was 38c. Of course, the Mythos Slick rides like a 35c.