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Saturday, April 9, 2011

For the non-Luddite

Tom was nice and, in his words, OCD enough to create a .gxp file of the route for use with GPS and then spent even more time making corrections I recommended. So, many thanks to Tom for giving us this helpful tool.

See, it's a (poorly tied) bow tie!

Note, however, this is not a capture from an actually running of the course, so there are bound to be some small discrepancies, particularly on the unmapped trailways, but I've reviewed the file with DeLorme's Topo and say it is quite accurate. It would still be a good idea to have the maps and definitely the cued instructions along for the ride as a second reference and backup.

You can download the file here.


  1. To make amends for my previous satire that wasn't taken so well I did a 3d map overview of the course that you are welcomed to download and use on your site. Also, you might want to load the GPX file to MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, MTBGuru, and another of the dozens of websites out in the interwertz that offer ride routing. In fact if I were doing this ride, I would ensure to have it installed on one of these sites and accessible by a handheld device.

  2. I'd rather have people access the .gpx file through the link on this site, so I'll stick with the Google docs hosting which allows me to restrict access from browsing. Download it there and you can then transfer it to a handheld GPS as Mark suggested.