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Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Tomorrow!

Weather looks nearly perfect for a long ride tomorrow, so it's a go, Saturday for the 2012 Detour de Connecticut.  Woohoo!

High for tomorrow's forecast is the upper 50s, which is good.  Some have asked why such an early date for a long ride, and the answer is: water.  There are some long sections of this loop without support beyond what you carry with you, so water would be a tremendous issue in hot, summer weather.  That said, there are a few places along (or just off ) the route for filling bottles.

1) On the first run into Willimantic, there is a supermarket across rt32 from where we enter the cemetery.  If you want to top off, get food, this is possibly the last option before returning in Willimantic later in the ride.  Personally, I don't expect to stop here.
2) #58 Old Kings Highway in Hampton (either in front of house or red barn on opposite side of street).  A kind soul and fellow rider will be leaving a cooler of water out by the road for us.  Unfortunately, Glen will be working and can't join us, but if you stop into Scott's Cyclery in Willimantic, be sure to give him a thank you.
3) On the 2nd trip into Willimantic, there is natural spring on the right side of the road just after exiting the park onto rt66 (see cues between maps 7/8).
(Pictures of the spring can be found HERE.  Ignore the written notes, however; they were for last year)
4) About midway through the cue between maps 8/9, the route crosses Main Street in East Hampton, CT.  If you head about a block south (left) on Main, there is a public library on the left.  Be aware, however, they close at 5pm on Saturday, so this could possibly be a miss for some.  Heading the opposite direction (north) on Main about 3/4 mile, there is another supermarket on the right, just after crossing rt66 at a traffic light.

As for the start, I plan to roll out at 8am sharp.  Also, I'm aiming for arriving there about 7:40am to answer any last questions, sign autographs, kiss babies, etc.  I'll be the guy on a dark green bike, with green plastic water bottle cages, a green helmet, and a not-green beard.  Yes, I do like green, but those are actually all just coincidences.

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