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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updates and other ramblings

First and foremost, as of noon on Thursday 4/26/2012, I have added further clarification to the cued instructions for the sections between maps2/3 and maps 4/5.  If you had printed the instructions prior to that time, review those sections in The Basics for changes.  Note, the course has not changed, but hopefully these added details will avoid some uncertainty out in the woods.

Furthermore, the 2nd of these two section between maps 4/5 is the crossing of the Mohegan State Forest.  While *most* of this crossing involves following the most worn path, it is also the longest section away from "civilization" and may have little or no cell phone coverage (this aspect is also true of other sections of the route--cell phone is NOT an adequate bail out plan for this ride!!!).  If you don't have an excellent sense of direction, a compass would be good, light insurance to have along for certainty you don't wind up lost and circling.  Cycling good, circling bad.

Also, regarding time for the ride, my early estimate of 9 hours being a fastest time and longer being likely for most seems accurate.  I recommend that everyone have some lights and reflectors as sunset is at 7:45 Saturday, just 11 3/4hrs after the start--things can go wrong; you may be delayed.

Lastly, hopefully by the end of the day I will be posting some .gpx files.  Yes files, you will have to an estimated full route file (which has inaccuracies) with two other sections files that are actual captures of riding the route.  More or less, even with gps, you will want the instructions and Google maps along for the ride.

And finally, lastly, I will still make the final call on rain delay by noon on Friday, but right now Saturday is looking like a go.

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