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Thursday, April 26, 2012


So here it--or rather, they--are: .gpx files.  First some thanks are due to Andy from NY for putting together the big picture without ever seeing the route, and to Art for loaning me a GPS unit and creating files for me.  Thanks fellow, I WOULDN'T have done it without you.

There are three files here
1) 2012Detour beta: Andy spent a lot of time working on this file and it is really good, but has errors that were unavoidable by someone who hasn't seen the route.  This one covers the full route, but be sure to have the other two files and know when you need to switch to them.
2) 2012Detour Willy east: This is an actual capture from riding the most confusing and off-the-beaten-path sections of the loop.  It starts where the first long section of rail trail ends.
3) 2012Detour end: This is the very end of the loop starting at the intersection of Camp Meeting Road and Finley Street in the southeast of Manchester.  Again, this is an actual ride capture and should help with the twists and turns through Porter Reservoir.
MORE IMPORTANT WARNINGS: I've reviewed these files and they are quite good, but there are bound to still be discrepancies.  The cues and maps in The Basics are still good to have along as a back up and in possible confusing points--remember batteries die, electronics fail, people get lost with GPS all the time, etc, etc.
REMEMBER: This is just a possible route, one I'll be riding.  What you do with it is at your own risk.  Obey all signs.

Ok, you survived all the warnings, disclaimers, and cautions; the files can be found at https://docs.google.com/open?id=0By8yG6qk2sszNXFXdGJXcVVibEk  Yes, I intentionally didn't create a link so you'd have to read through the post to find them.  And finally, as a (admittedly slightly less each day) confirmed Luddite, did I mention: "You kids with your wiz-bang electronics, GET OFF MY LAWN!!!  My feet hurt.  Grumble, grumble...."

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