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Monday, April 23, 2012

Less than a week to go

Right now the weather forecast looks good for Saturday with temps in the upper 50s and partly cloudy, but that's a pretty long range prediction considering recent successes in figuring out this new climate of ours.  Final decision on exercising the Sunday rain date option will be posted by noon on Friday.  Either way, the rain of yesterday should help firm up some sections that were dry to the point of being powdery.

My hope is to get out Wednesday with a borrowed GPS unit (thank you, Art) and ride the first (and most confusing) portion of the loop.  If all goes as planned, I'll have an accurate .gpx file to post here, although for the full loop, you may need to splice a few separate files.  Regardless, the maps and cues will be good to have along on ride date.

Also, after Wednesday, I hope to have a better estimate of how long the ride will take.  Last year, on both a slightly shorter and less rough course, the first two riders finished in a few ticks over 8 hours.  I'm guessing breaking 9 hours this year will be a serious accomplishment, so be prepared: food, clothing, and LIGHTS, as well as an exit strategy should you need to cut the ride short.

Lastly, a few people have asked about a shorter version of the ride, and I had hoped to introduce a "Wee Tour de Connecticut," but alas I don't think I can make a proper job of it for this year, so there won't be anything detailed posted to those ends, but anyone should feel free to jump in for as much of the ride as they like.

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