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Monday, April 27, 2015

Half way to the ten year anniversary

We did it!  Eight brave souls showed in Manchester for the start of the 5th annual Detour de Connecticut, with three people finishing the whole loop and another two nearly doing so with slight modifications in the pursuit of sanity.  Absolutely no complaints about the weather this year, it was beautiful.

Thanks to few and the brave

While it's been a little disappointing to see the numbers drop off the last two years, I recognize that last year's Sunday rain-date was hard on many schedules, and this year's long, cold winter probably kept even more people away.  To that end, I do plan on running a 2016 event, but I am seriously considering moving to a fall date.  I'll be sure to post here as soon as a decision is reached.


  1. Hi Salem, Firstly thank you for doing this stuff, for free, and for the betterment of dirt-road riding in CT! You deserve some type of award!

    Secondly, I didn't make the ride since my friend dropped out last minute because of a bike failure and honestly I lost the steam.

    Lastly, a fall date I think would help ensure that the ride is later in the season, obviously, but also presumably would allow for riders like myself (who are not riding through the winter) to be able to tackle the 118 miles later in the season. Any chance for a second run this year in the fall? I would love that!

  2. Mike, thanks, looking forward to 2016 as well, although I'm not quite finished with this year yet!

    While I'm, might as well make it quietly official, the 2016 ride will be a fall event, most likely some time in September. I'll finalize that in the first quarter of the year, hopefully.
    Leaves an opening for a shorter spring ride, maybe?

  3. I'd be in for a shorter spring ride and full ride in the fall!

  4. Salem, I wasn't able to make the ride last year because ski season was still in full swing up north until May. I hardly touched my bike until June which was sad but we don't often have a season that epic. This year I doubt the ski season will last that long, but I would still like to see the adventure ride moved to later in the season when I have some better cycling legs (yes I'm in this year!).

    BTW, I've mapped out a potential route in CT for a early season gravel grinder style ride. We can connect through email if you want to work together to make it happen.

  5. Yeah man, make a Spring ride too, if you can --- this is the year for it!

  6. Spring is good but I would normally suggest late April to let things dry out, but this year!

    The Litchfield Hills Cycling Club hold impromptu dirt road rides throughout the year in the NW corner, including: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/5072395, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/3079378, and https://ridewithgps.com/routes/1924791. You can send my your email address to be put on the notice list.

  7. I am putting together my blog page New England dirt road event calendar now. Let me know when you have a firm date. Or should I pencil you in for April 23rd?

  8. Whoa, missed these last few comments, sorry. Seems google now requires a sentings change for notifications. But anyhow, the date issue for the big-daddy Detour should now be clear (Sept 3rd or 4th rain date), yet the question of a spring ride remains. I'm still game to do something shorter with more of a stick-together group ride motif. Maybe dust off the old Manchester Parks Tour loop?

  9. Hey Salem! I'd love to head down your way again this year for another ride in the spring. Let me know if you plan on a spring ride as well. (You can always come and ride Pioneer Valley dirt!)