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Monday, February 29, 2016

Well, Hell's Bells

It's been a while since I've posted more than a response to comments here.  Time to break the silence, confirm the rumors of a reschedule to fall (complete with an actual date...wait for it....), and welcome some new help promoting the event into the fray.

It's kinda an inside joke,
that only I think is funny.

So first off, I'd like to welcome Justin to the Detour de CT---umm, staff isn't the right term, maybe "merry band of idiots."  He came our way a few years back from his beloved California, and we do our best not to hold that against him,  A few more years of reeducation and mental reprogramming, and we'll have him forsaking the place.  Anyhow, Justin offered to help get the word out for precisely the right reason: making sure the ride is big enough that everyone has company out there, and he's bound to do a better job than I.  Heck, he's even willing to have a Facebook account.

They built it, so you might as well come

In other news, the advance of the rail trails and bike paths continue, so expect some subtle route changes for this year.  To begin, immediately after crossing the bridge on our first entry into Willimantic, there is now a bike path running along the river, and while there are a couple negative to this reroute (it's paved--egad!--and it means bypassing the awsome rock wall entry into the cemetery), a ride along the river and avoiding the railroad tracks crossing should adequately compensate for this.

And finally, it's official, the Detour de CT is now a fall ride, so no more excuses about it being such a long, cold winter (which it wasn't this year) and not having enough time to build fitness.  Wheels will roll on September 3rd, unless weather forces a move to the Sunday rain date on the 4th, thereby trading my birthday month for that of my sister.  Plenty of time, now get out there and ride!

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