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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a labor of love

Just another warm February day yesterday and I was out for 9 hours of recon riding. Hopefully, I will have this year's loop finalized and posted within a week or two. The good news is I'm discovering a lot of cool roads, and, of course, a few dead ends.

ABOVE: I prepare to cross,
the stream below
(Yes, it was cold, and no, this won't make it on the route...this year.)

Well, actually, there's more good news than that. So far, I've found three additional dirt sections to break up the easternmost south to north run of the ride. Still looking at a few different options in the region of Goodwin State Forest, but that will require another jaunt out that way. I really liked last year's ride, but I'm thinking this one will be even better.

A teaser shot: covered bridge to be added to this year's ride
(Possibly 2, if they place the new bridge on the Hop River Trail in time)

So make your plans, and come on out; it'll be a good time!

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