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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The best laid plans of mice and cyclists

Found during recon, not on the route, but close to it.

It's pretty much guaranteed that in this modern world, there will be conflicts, and no sooner do I pick a date for this year's Detour than the schedule conflicts start popping. So, I'll try for a little democracy with a poll (see the right sidebar). Personally, I'm voting for the end of April: earlier the better to avoid hot days, it has been a ridiculously mild winter so fewer thaw issues, and, hey, it's my birthday month!

A little of a progress report: I've been getting out for a little recon of the route and have already found ways to avoid much of rte 32 on the first pass through Willimantic--it includes a trip through the cemetery! Also, to the east, a reroute that will add a rocky road climb, and it even has a hillside spring to provide a water stop for the intestinally daring.


  1. Is it finally going through the West Hartford Reservoir this year?

  2. If you figure out how to connect it on dirt, why not? Of course, isn't that place finally closed?

    1. I know how to get into it by dirt from every direction except from the east (West Hartford). But come on, West Hartford only has one dirt road!