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Monday, February 27, 2012

Half the fun of leading...

...is figuring out where to go.

I'm starting to feel a little like James Joyce in a story a professor once recounted to me. While editing The Dead, Joyce was obsessing over every detail to the point where his wife finally forced him to send it to the publishers.

For the changes to this year's route, I'm being a bit more organized in my search than in 2011. I've been spending a bit more time looking at maps, including topos, BEFORE heading out for recon rides, and ironically, the task is now that much harder. Yes, I've successfully found a number of new dirt options, but I'm also finding that much more to explore, as well as agonizing over those really nice sections that just don't fit in well with the rest of the route.

Will this section make the final cut?
Stay tuned to find out.

That said, I think one more ride out east to explore the Mohegan State Forest will have me ready to finalize this year's loop. I hope to have maps and cues up by later this week or early the next.

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