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Friday, April 12, 2013

Route Update and Revised Cue Sheet!!!

This is very exciting, trust me.  I've been waiting for this.  Whee, whoopee!

But enough hype, as of 4/12/2013, the cue sheet for this year's Detour de CT has been updated due to a route modification.  If you had already downloaded the cues, sorry, but, really, the change is a win.  The new cue sheet can be found HERE.  I will also be amending the link included in The Basics.

"So, what gives," you ask.  Well, in past years, after the 2nd pass through Willimantic, there has been a departure from the Airline Trail to go around a section usurped by a farmer for grazing.  That situation has been finally corrected and while improvements are continuing, the trail is now passable, so: Yahoo!  There is now a roughly 20 mile run of rail trail connecting Willimantic to East Hampton.


  1. But doesn't that cut out the powerline section with the terrifying climb in the distance that never gets ridden?

  2. Yes sir, you are correct, sir. But at least the twin terrors of Champion Hill and Al E Gator are still very real.