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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Round of Thank-Yous After Rounding Eastern Connectict

As these people are still smiling,
obviously the pre-ride photo.

First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to ride on Saturday.  From Todd's starting shot, I counted 20 and another two had already started rolling down the trail in advance of my yacking.  Without you, well, it would be rather silly for me to be making this blog.  I hope everyone had a good adventure, and remember, even if you got lost, it is a wonderful part of the state in which to do just that.

And of course, a huge thank you to Glen in Hampton for his 2nd annual feed stop in the most perfect of places.  Thank you, Glen, for your generosity and for living is just the right place.  I hope everyone remembered to sign the note.

Also, thanks to Jessie for supplying the major outline for the cues and to my dad for helping me catch a few of the errors hidden in there.  I'm getting a better sense of where the problem areas in the instructions are and I am already working on clarifications for next year.  Again, at least it's a nice are to be lost.

To anyone I might be forgetting (shame on me), a thank you to all, and remember, at T.H.'s suggestion, the date is henceforth set: the last Saturday in April 2014, we ride the Detour de Connecticut again!

And there she goes....


  1. Thanks for putting it on again.

    Who ended up finishing with you?

  2. I did the dumbest thing that can be done with riding companions available: I rode it home alone from just before East Hampton. The question was nagging at me: can the loop be completed in an 8 hour shift? I'd say yes, but with two stops to help repair flats and the refueling, I ended with 20 minutes of overtime. And I don't even get paid time-and-a-half.

  3. You dropped everyone in East Hampton? Ha!

  4. I held on till E. Hampton glued to Salem's rear wheel. I tried to slow him down by entertaining a flat. Being the gentleman that he is, he helped to fix it. Once back on route he allowed me to do a pull...then I could not hold his wheel and alas he was off into the distance.

    Had a great time riding with some new to me folks! Thnaks for the good times.

  5. Oh, but anyways, I started and ended in Middletown...So technically I did the Wee tour with a side note.