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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Get ready, the 2016 BASICS are live!

The locals are ready, are you?

I finally did it (with Justin's company): recon for this year's ride was completed a week or so back, the the route is finalized for this year!  This is a yearly ritual, as the route does not stick entirely to public ways, and while this had never been an issue in the past, all things change eventually.  In the past, the route ducked into a patch of woods on the south side of Willimantic, but the previous "No ATVs" sign has been replaced by ones reading "No Tresspassing."

But all is not lost, no, all is not lost, not yet.  Adversity, turned upside-down, can be an opportunity.  Forced to rethink our way through Willy, we discovered an amazing (and well hidden) pedestrian bridge into the center of town and even a view of water succumbing to gravity rather rapidly.  All is well.
Falls, and bridges, and benches, Oh My!

Also, I'm anxious to see how the move to a fall date succeeds.  Through the years, many lobbied for this shift to have more time to gain fitness through the summer.  It had been my hope that a really cool event in the spring would serve as encouragement for people to ride through the winter, but that just showed how poorly I judged.  In particular, with the cold winters that proceeded the last two Detours, a number of people felt even less ready than usual, so here we are, and hopefully, now everyone will be.  Just be prepared for possibly more heat, and more green growth in places with time around.

So there it is, you've a little over a month.  Best be riding!

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