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Monday, December 10, 2012

Got Jumps?

This so-called gravel-grinder thing has, of course, gained in popularity over the past years, so how does the Detour de Connecticut go about standing out from the growing pack?  It isn't the oldest, longest, or hardest, maybe the Connecticutest?  Well, rather than just try for another superlative, for 2013 we're going big, as in big-air: the Detour now has dirt jumps!

Traditionally, we've rolled on the road visible frame left,
but we'll have to detour right for next year.

Okay, okay, so it really wasn't the ride's doing, but Willimantic has added a tandem 8-pack of good size bumps to the park we roll through just before stopping at the roadside natural spring; I think that's somewhere around mile 80, so just about right for livening things up.  Go big, or go home.

In other update news, yes, I'm still alive and hopefully so is the ride, for April 27th, 2013.  Heck, even if the prior wasn't true, no reason for others not to show.  Last week I rode the Airline Trail from Willy to Rt85 and improvements easing the step up/down from the high bridge before the powerline detour were appreciated as well as some new gravel to cover the roots previously lacing the trail in that section.  I've also heard the powerline detour itself may no longer be needed; we'll see if in time for 2013.  Nice to see the condition of these trails continue to improve--just pray they don't pave 'em.

And one teaser: I'm thinking of a Wee-tour de Connecticut for 2013 as well.  Same day, but just the eastern loop of the bow tie, start-timed to get everyone out there together.

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